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Alaina's Double Bead Sterling Silver Ring

Alaina's Double Bead Sterling Silver Ringstar rating 5CathyMarch 4, 2014Its actually like an open band (bangle ring - I call it). There a are two beads one bigger than the other. You know how some engagement rings have a really thin band but the diamond is beautiful - that's how this one is. With the beaded Tiffany inspired bracelet (that was purchased here -which is AWESOME! I promise it is and I am hard to please, it''s weighted and full of beads - no open spaces on the chain) - the ring works with all my pieces because it does not take over the bracelet. BUT for the price - IT's a great buy. (This is my first review and I felt someone could benefit for my details because I was looking for some feedback as well on this piece.).
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